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Dog Risks Life to Save Companion

Another amazing story of heroism to follow-up my post about Jake. Only this time, the hero is a dog. A stray risked his life by diving into the middle of a crowded highway in Chile to rescue another dog who had been hit by a car. Here's the Early Show report.

Help Anaki and Win

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Announcing Animal Rescue Online's first contest! The winner will receive an ASPCA "Sports Themed Squeak-rope Toy" of their choice (for their own furry friend). The aim of this contest is to promote Anaki, a five-year-old boxer mix located in Conneticut Humane Society's Waterford branch. Anaki is deaf, but responds to hand signals and has been described by the shelter as "a very sweet girl [...] the most loyal and tender-hearted companion" who is "housebroken and well mannered. She enjoys the company of adults." Anaki needs to be the only pet in her adoptive home.

To enter the contest, write an article about Anaki (with a link to her Petfinder page included) and put it on your website, then submit a link to it via the comments section of this post. All entries must be received by January 20th, 2009 at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. The post doesn't have to be long at all (minimum fifty words). The winner will be selected at random by Designate, an online generator.

Jan. 24th: Adoption Fees Slashed for 'Change a Pet's Life' Campaign

On January 24th, three hundred United States shelters will be reducing their adoption fees for Change a Pet's Life Day. The event, organized by Hill's Pet Nutirition, hopes to draw attention to homeless animals and rescue centers. "Eight million pets a year enter shelters," says Hill's representative Janet Donlin, "We are hoping that people who have been thinking about adding a pet to their family will take this opportunity to do so."

"The first ten adoptions at participating Hill's partner shelters are free on January 24, 2009," states Hill's website, "New pet owners will also receive a starter kit that includes free Hill's Science Diet pet food and tips to give their adopted cat or dog the best start in their new life."

If you're interested in participating, visit the official website for Change a Pet's Life Day. There's a search engine there that can help you locate a shelter near you that's part of the event.

Just a Friendly Reminder

I nearly hit a cat the other day. It was late, around dusk, and I was driving down a small, unused road - completely lost. My focus was on finding where I'd gone wrong and correcting my route. I didn't see the little black cat until it was nearly too late. Thankfully, I was able to slam on the breaks. Both the cat and I are fine. It made me consider how easy it is to have an accident like that. So, just a friendly reminder: watch out when you're driving. They'll thank you for it.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Barney's (from How I Met Your Mother) terrifying less-than-near-fatal encounter with a dog in the middle of the road:

Man Saves Dog From Shark

This news is a little old (the interview I've linked in the video originally aired in October). However, it was just so amazing I had to share. After seeing his dog Jake attacked by a shark, Greg LeNoir came to the rescue - he jumped into the water and punched the shark.

A Book For Your To-Read List; and, Should the World Go Vegan?

Authors Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson discuss how "we can treat animals better if we consider the emotions that motivate them" in their new book Animals Make Us Human. The book argues, among other things, for more humane treatment of animals in slaughterhouses.

I have not read the book yet, but I did want to address something a reviewer on Amazon.com said. According to this person the book is merely "Glorified Hypocracy" because while "Grandin's 'systems' may improve the overall slaughtering process for the companies that hire her expertise [...] there is [still] no rational 'reason' to continue to do such. In fact, given all the information known to us - eating meat is one of the most illogical, self-destructive (and cruel) things one can do... Go Vegan."

As a vegetarian-in-training myself (I'm new to the lifestyle), I understand the point being made. However, I disagree with it. Grandin's book is a step forward. Someday perhaps, meat eating will be replaced by plant and synthetic food options - but until then, people are going to eat meat. I have several meat eaters in my house: there's no way they're going vegetarian, let alone vegan. Right now, it'd be near impossible to shut down slaughterhouses - people love their burgers and fries, their steaks. Therefore, the least we can do is find an approach that is more humane.

What do you think? Can (and should) we obliterate meat eating? Should the whole world go vegan and/or vegetarian?

Congrats, Chelse!

On December 29th, I wrote a post about a cat I had personally gone to meet, named Chelse. I've kept tabs on Chelse; a couple of days ago her Petfinder post was taken down. Today, I received an e-mail from the Newington Humane Society confirming my suspicions: Chelse has been adopted!

There are however, many animals still looking for homes. If you're thinking about getting a pet, please consider a senior animal. They have lots of love to give.

I Love You, But You Can't Sleep Here

Starting today, I'd like to broaden the scope of this blog. I'll still be concentrating on animal adoption and rescue, but I thought it'd be nice to celebrate the four-legged members of our families by dedicated some posts to them. If you'd like to submit a story or picture of your pet, please do! E-mail it to animalrescueonline@gmail.com. (Please note: Submissions should be appropriate for all ages, and may be edited prior to publishing. Also, this is volunteer-only. I won't be paying anyone for their submission. I'd love to - but I'm so broke it's not even funny.)

Anyway, I blame this on my dog Sammy, who decided to keep me up all night. There's a connect between the two things, I promise: I thought about how it's almost a funny story - minus the sleep deprivation and my morning crankiness. Thus, I came to the conclusion that this shouldn't just be about animals in need - but about the animal's that are in our lives on a day to day basis. The one's who brighten our days, or the ones we've lost and wish were here.

And that story? Well, I let Sammy sleep in my room. He normally doesn't, but last night he wanted to and I just didn't see a problem with it. As it turns out however, Sammy snores wicked loud; paces like crazy when he's trying to find a spot to get comfortable; and is horribly clumsy (although that I already knew, he falls off the couch at least once a week). He knocked down a screen from my window. It crashed and freaked both of us out. Those were the night's high points.

Gotta love 'im though. He's such a sweetie.

Latest Headlines: News From Around the Web

Hello and welcome to the first post in ARO's Latest Headlines series, where I'll scope the web for the most interesting, and recent, pet and animal rescue headlines so you don't have to! Below are the articles that caught my attention this time around.

While reading the pet-napping article, I also came across one for New York City, which covers the recent kidnappings of celebrity pooches and also, a warning to all dog owners to protect their animals: (For protection tips, scroll down to the bullet-ed list at the end of the article.)

Help Fight Puppy Mills

For more information on how to help fight puppy mills, visit the Humane Society's Stop Puppy Mills campaign site. Learn about what you can do to help; and, if you're considering purchasing a puppy, where to buy.

PLEASE NOTE: The video below contains images of injured and deceased animals. Viewer discretion is advised.