Write for ARO

If you'd like to become a staff writer, or simply submit a one-time piece, we'd be pleased to hear from you. We can't pay writers for articles at this time; your submission would be considered a charitable effort.

So, what do we need written? Articles on animal welfare topics such as fighting animal cruelty, proper pet care, etc; short stories about adopting an animal and the experience that goes along with it (these can be fictional or based on actual experiences); profiles on shelters and animals across the nation; news blurbs; and, interviews with people involved in animal welfare, from shelter owners to volunteers and pet foster parents.

For a single-story submission, e-mail your piece to animalrescueonline@gmail.com. We'll get back to you within a week. If we haven't gotten back to you within a week, you may resend. Please be aware that not all articles and stories will be chosen.

If you would like to become a staff member of ARO, send an e-mail to animalrescueonline@gmail.com indicating so. You will be sent an application to fill out.

Questions regarding writing for ARO should be submitted via comments. E-mailed questions will not be answered.