Adopt a Senior: Chelse

Chelse is an eight-year-old blue-cream calico located at the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington, Connecticut. She was surrendered there on June 2nd, 2008, because her owner could no longer afford her. She's been spayed and has been tested for leukemia and AIDS - all pets are tested for these diseases when they are dropped off - Chelse's tests were negative. She's been given Advantage for fleas and ticks; so you can be sure she won't bring any unwanted visitors with her to her new home! In addition, she's received both her distemper and rabies shots.

Chelse did have a small problem with one of her ears. It's been treated, but the adoption counselor I talked to warned me that it might be an ongoing issue. Nothing terrible; but her new owner might be required to give her ear-drops on a regular basis. Or, she could heal up and the problem will go away permanently. It's something they're keeping an eye on.

She's been tested with both dogs and cats. She hisses, but is otherwise okay. It's my understanding then, that with patience she could be introduced and comfortable with any other furry members of your household. According to her file, her previous home had other cats that terrorized her - which is where her aversion comes from, I think. She just needs love and understanding to help her through.

I took a personal interest in Chelse and went down to the shelter to meet her. She's a gorgeous, wonderful girl. She's excellent with people - she didn't shy away from me, nor did she get upset when I touched her tail (which some cats do) or when I came up to her from behind. She absolutely loves being scratched on the face. She also enjoys watching through windows. She sat by the window in the door of our interview room and stared at everyone passing by. I think she'd love a window she could look out of with birds and trees!

It took her some time to get used to me and have her attention turn from the window, but eventually she curled up next to me, so don't let her fool you. She's interested in going home with you. She was also very vocal (which is something I love, my cat Toby is also a talker). She interacted well with me the whole time.

Chelse's adoption fee is $70; this includes some food, a cardboard carrier, a collar, certificates saying she's had her shots, and a toy. It was also noted in her file that she comes with a care package, though the adoption counselor wasn't sure what that included.

Chelse needs a home! She's been at that shelter for months and would love a family to be with. If you're interested, simply drive down to the shelter and speak to an adoption counselor. They're friendly and helpful down there, and they'd be pleased to speak with you.