I Love You, But You Can't Sleep Here

Starting today, I'd like to broaden the scope of this blog. I'll still be concentrating on animal adoption and rescue, but I thought it'd be nice to celebrate the four-legged members of our families by dedicated some posts to them. If you'd like to submit a story or picture of your pet, please do! E-mail it to animalrescueonline@gmail.com. (Please note: Submissions should be appropriate for all ages, and may be edited prior to publishing. Also, this is volunteer-only. I won't be paying anyone for their submission. I'd love to - but I'm so broke it's not even funny.)

Anyway, I blame this on my dog Sammy, who decided to keep me up all night. There's a connect between the two things, I promise: I thought about how it's almost a funny story - minus the sleep deprivation and my morning crankiness. Thus, I came to the conclusion that this shouldn't just be about animals in need - but about the animal's that are in our lives on a day to day basis. The one's who brighten our days, or the ones we've lost and wish were here.

And that story? Well, I let Sammy sleep in my room. He normally doesn't, but last night he wanted to and I just didn't see a problem with it. As it turns out however, Sammy snores wicked loud; paces like crazy when he's trying to find a spot to get comfortable; and is horribly clumsy (although that I already knew, he falls off the couch at least once a week). He knocked down a screen from my window. It crashed and freaked both of us out. Those were the night's high points.

Gotta love 'im though. He's such a sweetie.