SPCA Shelter Nominations

Know a local rescue group that could use a financial pick-me-up? The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA) is offering grants to shelters and animal rescue groups across the nation. To nominate your local group for the grant, visit the SPCA International website for more information about the program and a nomination form.

Here are some basic requirements for the shelters; they must:

Be an active 501(c)(3) community based animal welfare organization; meet all the licensing and registration compliances required by law; have an annual operating budget preferably under $500,000; operate with at least a 60/40 split of volunteers compared to staff, with total paid staff preferably under 10 individuals; not sell any of the animals they are responsible for to research facilities; and require companion animals in their care to be spayed or neutered as part of their adoption contract. - spca.com