Adopt a Dog: Bubba

Bubba (also known as R.C. Big Boy) is a retired, two-year-old brindle male greyhound currently placed in a foster home via the We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc. rescue in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We Adopt Greyhounds is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 that places retired racing greyhounds in homes.

According to their website, Bubba is shy and incredibly skittish. His nerves make him ideal for an experienced and patient pet owner, but not someone who is unused to owning a dog, or who doesn't have the time to spend acclimating Bubba to his new home. He's good with cats, and must have a doggy companion to spend time with. So if you don't have another dog waiting at home to meet him, perhaps he's not the best match for you. Also, your home should be quiet; I would assume somewhere country-ish, and far from too many loud noises like cars, trains and the cachophony of a city.

Find out more about Bubba at the WAG's website!